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Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Mimi is the slowest bus in the HOV lane. I know, I know. It takes a very special kind of friend to put up with that kind of persona. Nikko nonchalantly acknowledged that he is indeed married and had no intention of ever disclosing that tidbit of information to his girlfriend. Of all the times Mimi has huffed and puffed and cussed someone smooth out, she opted out of doing so during this conversation. Way to not seize the moment, Mimi.

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Mimi Faust Recalls Being Shot At During Home Invasion

Joseline wants to gather friends and asks for Melissa’s help. Joc and Karlie go on explosive double dates. Tresure and Tommie face off. Kirk continues to deal with the fallout of his infidelity. Joseline and Stevie struggle over the paternity of her unborn child.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Mimi Faust is facing some serious one and famously released a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend back in

By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. They even filmed a sex tape which was sensual and got nominated in AVN Awards The two knew each other way back when she used to date Stevie, they two even shared a stage together on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. The lovebird split after being in a relationship for two years in After she knew about Nikko’s married life and having an extra-marital affair.

LAHH stars Mimi Faust is among those celebrities, who can do anything for fame and money, where she filmed a sex tape with Nikko Smith in She filmed a sex tape to be famous like Kim Kardashian, where Kim had released a sex tape with Ray J. In an interview in , Mimi talks about the reason behind their split, where she blames Steve because he cheated on her. She spoke out. Yeah, I knew about it. He was dating Eve. He was allowed to do whatever he does.

He was doing him. Mimi Faust turned herself into a lesbian after her unsuccessful relationship with men. Since , she is in relationship with an American basketball player Tamera Young, where the love birds are spotted in different places spending quality of time along with the daughter Eva.

Meet LAHHATL’s Nikko’s Wife Margo (Photos)

Any woman who voluntarily deals with him should be questioned for her judgment. In other words, Mimi and Nikko consciously made a porn. What is clear is that the winner in all this is neither Mimi or Nikko.

‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ as well as, Mimi Faust and her boyfriend Nikko by Urban Islandz Staff July 30, But now the duo are reportedly working on a second video that they are touting will be bigger and better.

Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust. As resignation washed over his face, Nikko finally admitted that he was still married, although he was separated from his wife of almost 10 years, Margo, who now lives in Canada. This turned out to be the last straw in the turbulent relationship between Faust and Smith and she dropped him like he was a poisonous snake. Now that Faust can no longer trust Smth, she is now more receptive to what her friends had been trying to shove in her head: that Smith indeed purposely leaked their sex tape in order to make a quick million off of her.

She is a Canadian citizen. She and Nikko were longtime lovers who got married in Canada. But I digress. Check out some of the latest photos of this mysterious wife of Nikko Smith, Margo. Tags: bravo , LAHHATL , love and hip hop atlanta , mimi and nikko , Mimi Faust , Nikko , nikko lied to mimi , nikko married , nikko smith and wife , nikko still married , nikko wife margo. From the Web.

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Mimi Faust Sex Tape Trailer Leaks; Shower Rod Jokes Rock Twitter

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mimi-faust-that-grape-juice As unconfirmed How Mimi has now helped to prove them right? Her bean Mimi Faust is finally coming clean on the infamous tape of herself and boyfriend Nikko Smith. Next week’s.

Might have to put you on the bus. Buffalo-born Stevie J, 44, is a certified reality star — he plays to his charms and gives the people what they want. The first show debuted in , and it instantly turned into reality TV gold. In , the network had the second-largest year-over-year net ratings gain of any nonsports cable network among adults in the demographic. Joseline and Stevie J.

Atlanta raised the intensity bar even higher in Michelle and local rapper Rasheeda Frost but they laid their lives out. A music producer with an affinity for a pretty face and a fat rear end , it seemed like he spent more time inside of a strip club than a recording studio. But Stevie J the musician? Not so much. A reminder: Stevie J created or co-created music that has been purchased by and listened to and danced to by millions and millions of people around the world.

Mimi Faust talks Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, surviving Stevie J and putting herself first!

On the cusp of filming Season 4 of the famed Love and Hip Hop Atlanta franchise, Mimi graciously made time in her busy schedule of filming, writing her book, running her side businesses and raised her gorgeous daughter Eva, to talk to me and offer an insight into her world. Gracious would be the key word used to describe Faust, who has gone through her fair share of drama over the last few years, as she navigates her way through the personal tragedies to emerge on the other end a true survivor.

From humiliation and heartbreak as her relationship with Stevie crumbled under the pain of public infidelity and scandal to powerful redemption and re-invention of self, Mimi has bared her soul for the world to see and walks with her head and heart intact as she tackles the everyday challenges of co-parenting with her now ex-partner Stevie and their daughter, and providing finically for her own empire. How one does come out of these fires unscathed … Mimi Faust could write a book on it!

Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith relationship status and their affairs. Nikko hide the things about married to Mimi before they got split. They even filmed a sex tape which was sensual and got nominated in AVN Awards

And how was Mimi — who has so far portrayed herself as being above all things “ratchet” — going to explain her, um, shower rod acrobatics? Wait, wasn’t she supposed to have kicked Mr. Nikko to the curb last season? The “Round of Applause” MC revealed to his betrothed that he hasn’t been the most faithful groom-to-be, but vowed to be true, or at least his version of true, going forward.

Rasheeda doesn’t know if she can ever be in a really good place with husband Kirk Frost, but she let him come back home to help raise their newborn son, Carter. Lil Scrappy is fresh out of rehab and Erica-free. Meddling Momma Dee, of course, warns Scrap that Bambi has another man on the West Coast while also warning Bambi about her own son being a rolling stone. Steebie and Joseline celebrated their birthday together and, surprise, surprise, conflict ensued.

Mimi doesn’t like that her child’s father and her nemesis are fake married and Joseline isn’t satisfied with her shotgun wedding. Mimi encourages two of her friends to attend the party and spy for her. Nothing from Benzino on the premiere.

How’s Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust’s Relationship Now? Nikko and Mimi Sex Was a Huge Deal Before

Express hate toward and blame one or both parents rather than accept personal responsibility because parents—and especially their religion—make for easy scapegoats. After lying publicly that the tape was inside stolen luggage, she later admitted when called out about it that she was behind the scheme all along. Here is what really happened: As a young teenager Mimi expressed a desire to live with the family of a close friend and schoolmate, Diana Wittenberg.

Now Mimi Faust has opened up about the tasteless sextape, “I just wanted Sources claim that Mimi Faust, ex-girlfriend of hit maker Stevie J.

Nikko London publicity photo courtesy of VH1. Why not, Nikko? Maybe because you were married? Remember that small detail you deliberately left out? Well, someone had a very busy But in the same breath, he had the nerve to say he knew that Mimi was too emotionally involved in their relationship for her to take the news lightly. Seems to me at the point where you realize this woman is emotionally involved with you and falling in love is when you should have come clean.

Honestly, you should have come clean from jump street and if your involvement was truly a business move, then perhaps Faust would have been able to keep her emotions intact. But noooooo, for some reason when a woman feels she has a man she can trust with everything, she tends to fall in love with the security aspect that building a trust provides. This is definitely not the type of woman you want to turn around and scorn or ever let them learn you were never committed to the relationship.

Mimi Faust ex-girlfriend Chris goes off about the show #loveandhiphopatlanta 🙄

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